PopcornFlix Download | The Best Movie Streaming Website for Android

Popcorn Flix is the wonder app designed to allow its users enjoy unlimited movie streaming online for free. This movie streaming website comes with the largest and widest collection of movies that can make you motivated, cry, laugh and enjoy many more things online for free. Owing to its versatile video content, excellent functionality and widest category of movies, PopcornFlix has become the most appreciated and widely used movie streaming website amongst the users.

The app has successfully managed to cross the mark of 15 million users by 2016 and it is still counting and it is expected to increase by 2017, owing to its cord cutting free services and performance.

Get Complete Review on PopcornFlix App for Android:

Popcorn Flix

Design and Interface: comes with easy to use interface, straightforward navigation keys and drop down menus to browse the different categorizes of the movies from the homepage itself. Users will find no nonsense in regards to its interface, even the search of the media content is easier on this website as it comes with supportive search bar where you can type and find your favourite movies from the homepage itself.

Availability of Content:

Well, the media content in Popcorn Flix is limited and not too rich compared to the paid movie streaming application. However, the website always leads in the horror and comedy segment as it has the biggest collection of horror and comedy movies which people of all ages can enjoy online for free.

The movie streaming website also comes with documentaries segment where users can find some of the critically acclimated and interesting documentaries. Kids can also access the animated media content from old times on this movie streaming website.

The Categories Available Within PopcornFlix:

Over 800 movies are currently available for streaming on PopcornFlix. The app has different genres ranging from Romance to Urban, Bollywood, Kids, Thriller, Comedy and Horror. The app keeps upgrading their movie list so as to offer its users with the best experience always. The app keeps on adding one movie daily into their different genres and users can watch any number of movies on this application for free and without any hassles. Besides streaming the independent feature films, users can also enjoy streaming film school originals and original web series on this app.

popcorn flix

Compatibility of Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix is the movie streaming website that is compatible with almost all the popular platforms including iOS, Android, Xbox, Chromecast, Play Station, Roku and more. The app can also be synchronized with your SmartTV to stream online movies for free on larger screen of your SmartTV. The user experience on all the platforms is typically the same.

Key Highlights of PopcornFlix for Android:

  • Frequently updating the database of movies
  • Myriad of movies are available to stream online for free
  • Availability to browse movies, genre and actor
  • It is compatible with almost all the popular platforms.

Benefits of PopcornFlix

  • It allows you to stream unlimited number of movies daily for free
  • It comes with easy and simple to use interface
  • The media contents are arranged aptly into diverse categories
  • It even runs smoothly on slower internet connectivity
  • There is a dedicated category for kids where kids can find their favourite cartoon series and movies to stream online for free on this movie streaming website


The Cons of PopcornFlix

  • The quality of some videos is not up to the mark as they are offered in low quality
  • The media content on the movie streaming website comes with many short, yet annoying advertisements
  • Some of the media content on the movie streaming app also buffers while playing
  • It has the limited collection of movies than the paid movie streaming applications


Popcorn Flix is the free movie streaming app which offers you the option to access the wide array of media content online for free. It is the easy to use movie streaming website that is compatible with all the popular platforms and devices. The only thing PopcornFlix Download needs to work upon is the quality of their media content and lack of video player options. Overall, it is the best free movie streaming app that worth your consideration.