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If you are an entertainment buff through and through, chances are you must have heard about the Tubi TV app already, considering its wide popularity. The application lets the user stream movies and TV series in full HD on their devices. Unlike Netflix and Hulu, that require a subscription and use of credit card and registration, the Tubi TV App application is completely free to use.

Yes, the application does allow commercials between the videos but they are very few when compared to the ones on the cable. The application also gives the user the freedom to watch their favorite content, pause it and resume it anywhere and at any time. It requires Android 4.1 or higher for the application to run

What makes Tubi TV App Different and Unique?


There are multiple features in the application that make it unique and one of a kind application for entertainment. Besides being free, the application is regularly updated with the latest movies and TV series; there are different genres to choose from such as horror, comedy, action, animation, documentaries etc. A special category, ‘Not on Netflix’ is also featured in the application that is all about movies that you will not find on Netflix or other popular Video Streaming Apps that are available online.

Tubi TV-Features

We discuss some of the outstanding features of the Tubi TV application here:

  1. Absolutely free:

Get the best and never pay a penny for it. The Tubi TV Apk application is nothing less than a boon for all the entertainment lovers. It is absolutely free to use it and there is no need of subscription either. You can now stream your favorite content on your device without paying heavy amounts in the subscription.

  1. Create a queue:

You can create a queue of all your favorite TV series and movies at one place and watch it whenever or wherever you wish to. Then use a bookmark so you never have to spend a minute looking for your favorites.

  1. Use on multiple devices:

The Tubi TV app can be easily synced with a number of devices and it also features the Chromecast support. Use Chromecast or Airplay to watch the content on a big screen. The user can also synchronize easily between an Android device and connected TVs such as Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku devices, Xbox, Samsung TV and Amazon Fire TV. Use www.tubitv.com to complete the process of synchronization.

  1. Pause the content:

The application also allows the users to ‘pause’ the content on any of their devices and watch it later from wherever they left, whenever they wish to. This gives them the much-needed freedom that is otherwise not available in cable or even in some of the best streaming applications.

  1. Variety of content:

The Tubi TV app allows the users to enjoy a variety of content on their devices. One can easily watch the movies and TV series of their favorite Hollywood stars or Hollywood studios. With new content, discover your favorites and hidden gems. Whatever is a favorite genre, you will get a variety of content ranging from drama, horror, comedy, action, animation, Korean movies and much more.

  1. New content added every Friday:

The Tubi TV app is not just the best but it is also being regularly updated to maintain that standard. The application is updated every Friday with new content such as new movies and TV shows. They are available in the featured section of the app.

  1. Legal Content:

As we have discussed that the catalog of the application is wide and interesting, it comes as an added relief that all the content listed in the catalogs is legal. This means that no content is hosted on YouTube or other similar sites; instead, they are hosted on the Tubi TV servers. All the content is played directly on Tubi TV player.

The application is excellent and top notch for watching every kind of content including movies and TV series. While the quality of content always remains debatable (since everyone has their personal likes and dislikes), it is free and always ready to be streamed on your personal device.

tubi tv app


Download the Tubi TV App today and enjoy the revolution it has brought to the entertainment industry!