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Your Smart TV to your Smartphone. Quite a shrinkage but what an upgrade! Terrarium TV. A terrarium is the latest Android app which gives access to live tv streaming, and watching and downloading free and HD TV shows on your Android gadget. Just like the regular television placed mounted on your wall, you can access and watch any TV shows and download them all for no money at all. As per your wishes, watch in online while streaming it or download it and save it for your future leisurely moments in the day to sit down with a hot cuppa and enjoy the latest hits. Terrarium TV App is a milestone as it is an on the go television provider for the best experience while on the run, helping users to stay up to date with the ongoing cricket scores and not miss a single moment.

The best part is it’s all free. No monthly payments and no recharges like on your setup box. Terrarium TV App offers a platter full of entertainment channels and shows to surf from and for the multi-lingual users, there is always the option of turning on subtitles. Options galore from documentaries to thrillers, crime to horror, reality to drama, everything under the same roof. And if you do not have the time to catch up on the entire episode while on the metro, bookmark the program and catch up on it later, with the Terrarium TV bookmark feature. Forgot the name of the soap you were enthralled by? No worries there mate, as the last watched option is at your disposal. For the ever confused and choose specific users, the Genre Selection button is a must have and it makes the selections all the easier in an organized manner.

terrarium tv apk

Download of Terrarium apk:

Terrarium TVs fast sources for full HD and HD and mostly Google Drive, it is the most effective app with chrome-cast support. With a file size of 2.87 MB, the only requirements for the support of this app on your Android device is an Android version 4.0.1 or any upper version and an MXPlayer which is currently the most powerful video player on Android.

Wondering about the White Walkers? Curious about the case of Benjamin Button? It’s all there. Just download the free app that has had the most reviews and user ratings from all across the globe. The common issues faced though are the usual petty problems of coming across a blank black screen or a popup that screams at you – ‘Source Unavailable’.

That only indicates that the file or the item you wanted to watch and have typed in to search is currently unavailable but that’s usually a far cry. In case the subtitles do not sync and you are left in a state of utter confusion, fear not as Terrarium TV is linked and has sources mostly WEB-DL version.

Terrarium TV App

Features of Terrarium TV App for Android:

  • Since the many versions of subtitles are sourced from HDTV, BlueRay, WEB-DL, you can always try the WEB-DL version as that is the one that will source you out of your ‘foreign’ confusion and bring you back to Earth.
  • The current version of Terrarium TV is Terrarium TV 1.1.5 APK and an updated version is expected to be out soon.
  • Worried about quality? Nothing you will watch is below 720p and the clarity is so mesmerizing, you could count the number of stars in the sky under which your favorite actor has his romantic moments with his lady.
  • So the next time the FIFA World Cup or the T20 matches are aired on TV and you have no escape from the office, just tune into Terrarium TV and enjoy the best of entertainment right there on your smartphone.


Therefore, here in this article, we given complete knowledge about how to download Terrarium TV Apk for your Android devices to watch free online movies, videos, Tv Shows Streaming on your android devices. Hope everyone will like this post.Terrarium TV App

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